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Le-Bow Knows the right Standard in Hand Tool Manufacturing !

Shanghai Lebow is a Chinese company recognized and renowned globally as being the best hand tool and garden tool supplier and manufacturer in all over China as well as in other parts of the world. Apart from the production of DIY tools and drill bits the other products that the company offers are electronic appliances and gardening essentials. The company has earned global recognition as a result of maintaining integrity in the quality with no compromises. Company believes in a healthy relationship with its clientele therefore has always kept in consideration their expectation before designing any of its product. This effort of the company helps in producing high-end quality products that not only are good in performance but their durability cannot be questioned either as they last longer. The investment made with Shanghai Lebow is an investment that goes on for a life time.

In such a highly competitive market the success of Shanghai Le-bow being a hardware & tool manufacturer is very apparent, in just over 13 years time, the company has got itself in a position of dealing with world renowned organization of various industries. With 4 workshops that look after all the design, art and modeling work the company has managed to come up with highly useful and strong tools, these workshops are fully equipped with most advanced technology equipment and machines, such as Germany made CNC as well as Taiwan made BMC. Apart from these two machines the company has also acquired 1 machine for modern printing that helps in creating unique design for the various produces.

Entertaining every kind of business deal has helped Shanghai Le-bow to do business with both large and small scale organizations. Company does not aim to sell products but wants to build a long lasting relation with every potential customer; this relationship is packaged with more benefits for the clients as well as for Shanghai Le-bow itself. This idea and vision of the company has helped in achieving the goal of the company to be known amongst not only the top sellers but also a leading hand tool manufacturer in just a short period of time. The wide range of products designed for various purposes, have attracted many clients from all around the world. During the year 2014 we have started building relationships with the automotive industries as we are also producing garage tools for car repairing service as well. We have been participating in Vegas Hardware Show as a hardware and tool manufacturer for 2 Years and have achieved a great success in meeting the car repairing tool distributors in Americas and other European regions. Garage equipment and tools is our premium focus nowadays. If you are dealing in automotive tools manufacturing industry give us a call or through us a message and we will be happy to serve you.

With a better managing team that is running the company extra ordinarily well have given strategies that helped in reducing the cost of the products and that being the reason the products produced by Shanghai are offered for a very reasonable and affordable price. The availability of wide range of products with different price range is the other factor that became the cause of the success of the company. Le-Bow's workforce is continuously thriving to expand its business constantly and engaged in coming up with innovative ideas that can be more beneficial for the company, the latest idea the tool manufacturing company has implanted is the special discount offer for customers who demand for large quantity. The discount offer is not limited to customers demanding products in a bulk quantity but also for business people who are looking forward to building business relationship with Shanghai Le-bow.

Industries We are looking forward to work with:

Automotive Tools Distributors

Industries dealing with the distribution of automotive tools to the OEM manufacturers of automotive industry is what Le-bow is looking to build relationship with.

Garage Tools Suppliers

If you are a local supplier of garage tools in European and American regions then you are more then welcome to join our distribution network because we are looking for genuine prospects who can market our products and sell them in Americans and European Regions.

Shanghai Le-bow has always striven to just not only offer products but a solution that the customer is looking for in a product he wants to buy following this approach of working has helped the company by attracting and bringing in a enormous customer from around the globe. Moreover, Shanghai Le- Bow has received its quality assurance certificates that include I...